Studios for Work or Play

Our studios are conveniently installed on any open space with access to electricity. People love them as home studios for work or play! Also known as a backyard office shed or office pod, our prefabricated site-built studios can be used as studios for work, remote home offices, exercise and workout rooms, art studios, man caves, she sheds, or private study areas.  Whatever you want to call it, it’s private, comfortable, and secure. 

We build Studios by Stanley to be energy efficient for long-lasting value. Structural insulated panels are the basis of the design. These panels provide a full 360-degree thermal envelope in the floor, walls and roof. The standard features provide style, comfort, and value.

With their ease of installation, energy efficiency, and self-contained footprint, Studios by Stanley are a great alternative to ‘stick-build’ remodeling projects!

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